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Hi Tom! While I'm agreeing with you about expecting payment from quality articles, for the not Writer's Digest worthy articles and you just want to get your link out there, I highly recommend doing it. Even though your submission is basically free, you get free links back to your website, free branding yourself as an expert and free subscribers who might wander over to your website or blog and subscribe to your feed and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It also gets your name out there where just having a website or a blog isn't quite reaching the masses you want to reach. Ezine Articles is an excellent example of this. I don't publish as many "free" articles as I used to because I'm so busy doing other stuff but I need to get back to it.

Judith Briles

I certainly agree in writing for free but in a way will benefit you overall. I guess that is worthy business after all. Any person would actually want to get things done for free but somehow would always find something more beneficial in addition. I agree with Squidoo and hubpages. I also agree with Ezinearticles. Great places to start with.

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